Help needed with new app

I have upgraded to the new app from the classic app. Previously I have had only great experiences with smartthings. Since the app change, my automated world has fallen apart.

My old automations do not appear in the new app, although they run every day.

I add new automations but they go missing every day.

I cannot add my zwave shades although somehow the old automaton opens and closes them every day.

Its a mess.

Does anyone else have these issues or is this my hub.


Just go back to using the Classic App!

There are very few reasons (at this time) to use the New App. It does not have feature parity, and the Classic App is even compatible with V3 Hubs (though the New App must be used just to add the Hub).


I know @tgauchat quoted the exact same thing, and so will I, and I completely echo his advice. Go back to Classic.


It’s not your hub, it’s the app.

The following should help (this is a clickable link).


Thanks for the heads up. I actually did not know that I could go back to the old app because adding the new app converted my smartthings account to a samsung account.

Inow have my old app in all its glory and it actually works. Will miss the if then else timer setup of the newer app but as it did not work then that point is moot.

  1. Logged back into the old app using my converted smarthings account not my original account
  2. The default ub there has no devices
  3. Changed my hub (as there was a second hub listed even though I only have one)
  4. All my devices and automations were sat there waiting
  5. Logged back into the new app and removed any automations that were remaining

Awesome, back in business here.

Have spent the last two weeks re-creating automations that delete themselves overnight. Plus my shades did not work in the new app


New App=LT right out of Officer’s school going to the Gun Line and telling the Veterans how “things” should work.

Classic App=Again, why do I need the LT?..

It might be possible to edit the custom devices handlers with a small modification to ge the shades working in the new app

Or contact the developer of that code about it

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