Need help transferring multiple devices from Iris to SmartThings

I had an iris hub, keypad, outdoor cam, motions sensors, contact sensors, garage door opener, water leak sensor, smart plugs, a FirstAlert smoke&CO alarm, and a GoControl thermostat that were connected to the iris hub and were working properly. After the iris shutdown, after a little bit of research, I decided to get the Samsung Smartthings Gen 3 hub. I was able to connect the iris contact sensors easily. But having a problem to connect the iris motion sensors, smart plugs, the garage door opener, the water leak sensor, the GoControl thermostat and the FirstAlert Smoke&CO alarm. Is it a common problem? These devices are all listed under compatible devices with ST and they come up in the ST menu when i click on “add new device”. Haven’t tried the iris cam yet, it is the only one not compatible i think, but if I can connect all the others, I’ll be happy for now. Any help or insight will be appreciated.

Update: I was also able to pair/connect the GC thermostat and the iris motion sensor. No luck with the others that I mentioned above yet. Any help will be appreciated.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating, but hopefully we can help you get things set up. We Will need the model number of the individual devices, the procedure may vary somewhat.

Also, if you click on the “afterIris“ tag that I’ve added to your thread, you will be able to see the threats from other people making the same move. So there might be something there that would help.

Thank you. Yeap, browsing through other threads as well.
Right now I am working on the garage door opener, it is iris model GD00Z-1. Also says “Linear LLC” on it. Tried connecting three times, hasn’t worked yet.

Update: After three - four trials of exclusion & pairing, i was just able to connect the iris garage door opener to my ST hub. Apparently, how long you “press the button on the device” after the pairing mode is active makes a difference (both during exclusion and pairing). I just kept pressing it and at some point it worked.

Update-2: after a few tries of excluding and pairing, i paired the First Alert Smoke and CO detector to my ST hub.

The only devices I couldn’t connect remain the iris smartplug and the iris water leak sensor. Will try again maybe once more.
I haven’t tried pairing my iris outdoor cam yet, either, it is not listed under supported iris devices. Could anyone confirm this as well? Or has anyone successfully paired an iris outdoor cam with ST?

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