Triggering Night Mode - A replacement for the Classic Goodnight

In the old app my Goodnight automation was pretty simple… if there is no motion at X, Y, or Z for the past 30 minutes after 10P then put then turn some things off and set the the system to Night.

If I went to sleep at 9, then at 10P it would see that there has been no motion in the last 30 minutes and it would run.

In the new app… if I go to sleep at 9, it will never run… unless there was motion after 10P. So it just gets stuck.

Is there a work around for this?

Set it up in Webcore with a 10pm trigger time

My solution was to change the time from 10pm to 8pm.

In Theory… but then I still have the problem if I go to bed before 8, which is rare, but does happen…

This might be the best solution, I was trying to keep this “simple stuff” inside the app, but webcore would properly fix this issue.

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This is what I did for simulating when things quiet down in the new SmartThings app.

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Clever idea

Since it’s kinda pain to do it in Webcore, I’ve continued to try to figure it out natively, although the webcore with a virtual switch and an automation works. It’s just clumsy to me.

What I don’t get is why this automation doesn’t work. I’ve added another condition in order to fine tune the trigger.

My addition is that I need to have a bed side lamp off as well, but now, even if there has been motion in the last 30 minutes within the window, once the lamp is off, the automation fires