Turn lights on with motion, but only once until there has been no motion for 30 minutes

Hey all,

Please move if this is the wrong place for this.

I’m trying to workout if I need WebCore or not. What I want to do, is have my TV lights come on by motion when I come into the lounge, But I only want it to turn on once, not keep coming on while I’m watching TV.

The best Idea I have for this is, if motion detected turn on lights, but then don’t re-run the automation until no motion has been detected for 30mins.

A) Does that sound like the best way and B) can I do that in stock SmartThings, with another smart app?

Thanks all!

I got impatient and installed WebCore, all good :slight_smile:


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Webcore is a very powerful tool. However, for the laymen like me, this is a way I’m doing this natively in SmartThings.

I created a virtual switch named ‘Things Quiet Down in Room’. Then I created a Smart Lighting Automation that turns On the Things Quiet Down in Room virtual switch triggered from the motion sensor and then set it to turn Off the virtual switch after X minutes. I then created an Automation that if motion is detected on the sensor and the Things Quiet Down in Room virtual switch is off, then turn on the light.

So far, Smart Lighting continues to reset the X minutes countdown whenever motion is detected from the motion sensor when the virtual switch is already on.

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