No Motion automation

Does anyone have a rules solution for triggering a routine when no motion event nas been received for a set amount if time?

I am not talking about a no-motion event from a sensor, as these events are not triggered when there is no motion, I am talking about a lack of a motion event for a set amount of time that would triger a routine.

So would I be correct in saying that the sensor sends active, active, active and there is never an inactive generated?

I’ve not got my thinking head on at the moment, but I think you may have to implement the logic yourself rather than relying on webCoRE style TEP/TSP/TCP mechanisms behind the scenes.

So you perhaps might need to have one Rule that tests if the motion is active and sets a flag. That flag might be a virtual switch that is set off and back on.

Then you would have a second Rule to test if the switch has remained on for an hour.

In webcore, I would consider using age([device﹕attribute]) - returns the number of milliseconds an attribute had the current value.

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there used to be a Things Quiet Down feature in the old SmartThings app. Nowadays without it in the new SmartThings app, I use a Virtual Switch in a Smart Lighting Routine (disclaimer Smart Lighting isn’t available world-wide) that can be used as the trigger for SmartThings Routines (Automations).

Also, there are other options in the below thread that use WebCore.