Motion sensor and automation


I have problem with multipurpose sensor and automation in smartthings app.
there are three automations that i amruning for my bathroom
here they are

Bathroom sunset
from 18 :00 till midnight
if motion is detected for 2 seconds
turn on light in bathroom dimmer 100%
turnoff after 2minutes

Bathroom sunrise
from midnight till 5 am
if motion is detected for 2 seconds
turn on light in bathroom dimmer 10%
turnoff after 2minutes

bathroom reset
turno on light in 5:01
dimmer 100%
turn off light in 5:01:10

Problem is that sometimes sensor is working, sometimes it detects but it does not reset automation so i stay in dark i dont know what i am doing wrong?
Is there any good soul to make piston for webcore so i can try there maybe webcore is better, maybe is too many rules for smartthing automation…

basicly i would like to have it like this

from sunset till midnight if sensor detect movement turn on the light on 100% if sensor dont detect light for 2minutes turn off the light
From midnght till sunrise if sensor detect movement turn on the light on 10% if sensor dont detect light for 2minutes turn off the light
in 5am reset light so it will be on 100%

any help is welcome.


My response won’t help because I take it that the Smart Lighting SmartApp isn’t available to you since you’re using Automations instead.

I have this same setup with slightly different time windows and my 10% at night uses an RGBW smartbulb so I also set it to Red at night. However, I’m using the SmartThings Smart Lighting SmartApp since it’s is available to me and it works perfectly even when the internet is down due to its local execution capability.

If you don’t have access to the SmartThings Smart Lighting SmartApp, then I’ll just say that this SmartThings Region lockout policy just causes worldwide fragmentation of native SmartThings features that are provided by SmartThings in some countries really needs to be removed since users have totally different SmartThings experiences which only causes users to look for solutions outside the native SmartThings ecosystem.

Again, sorry that my experience doesn’t help you with Automations, but that’s why I’m using Smart Lighting instead since I tried Automations first with the same setup as you, and like you, found that it didn’t work flawlessly like Smart Lighting does.

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Hey there @Codiac, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

Without seeing your Automation setup, have you tried adding in the “If” condition the state of the Light being off/on and when all conditions are met?

If at desired times, motion detected for 2 seconds and light is OFF, then Turn light on, Brightness level 100% or 10% and Turn off after 2 Minutes.

The 5AM Automation could be the same with the desired times 5:00-24:00, If I’m understanding your use case correctly with the brightness set to 100%. As I didn’t see where anything changed from the time period of 5AM until midnight when you would like the light’s brightness to be 10%. This would leave you with two automations instead of three, as the “bathroom reset” would be addressed in that timeframe and adding the state of the light may help by checking the status of the light being off before turning on.

I hope this message finds you well!