Triggered Sounds?

Hi everyone - I am in the process of building a house and am trying to nail down what wiring I want done at this point to help support my smart home needs. I’ve been trying to do some research around triggered sounds which I would want to play through ceiling speakers in the house. Is there an easy way to have a triggered sound play when, for example, the mudroom door is opening? I have read that you may be able to do this through Sonos or Obything though I’m not certain if their apps for this purpose still support this functionality. Any thoughts on the best way to get triggered sounds?

There are many different ways to do this in SmartThings, with many different devices. :sunglasses:

See the following how to article in the community – created wiki, it might give you some ideas:

I’ve taken the Sonos/whole house stereo approach… I use Sonos to announce important activities. Arrival of a family member, door opening, unexpected movement after a specific time (great for teens), dogs barking on doorbell ring/front door open. (Great for pizza delivery guys), a car has entered the driveway… lots more I want to do…

I have multiple Play 1’s placed around specific locations and a couple of play 3’s and the Connect that bridges to the house sound. This allows me to send notifications to targeted devices or generally. Also, the connect lets me sync inside/outside music and the individual Sonos devices. The sound is really amazing. By themselves, these are ok sounding speakers but when the are coupled with some house power of your home system, it takes it to the next level… Alexa is more commanding coming out of 15 speakers. :slight_smile: if I had to do it over, not sure I would be committed to Sonos if I didn’t already have an investment … (check out other ST compatible devices)

if you are thinking of wiring, you should be thinking of at least one speaker in each room, and multiple in main rooms. Also consider running power for Amazon dots in main rooms

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Thank you guys for your help. I’m leaning towards Sonos amps, guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet on cost.