Sonos Notify With Sound

(Stephen) #1

Hey Everyone,

I am new to all of this and have very little knowledge of how these devices work. I am trying to use my Sonos speakers to act as an alarm when my door is opened during night and away mode. For some reason I can only get it to work once and then it never works again. When I activate it manually from the Labs section it takes about 2 minutes to respond but it eventually does. Most of the time that is. The weird thing is that I can use the sonos to announce that the door is open in home mode and it works every time. I have tried deleting all of my speakers and doing a re-install but the same thing happens every time. Any suggestions?


(Korban Hadley) #2

When I set it up with mine it worked maybe 15% of the time so I gave up. And when it did work even though I was not playing music it would randomly start playing. It is to buggy.

(Eric) #3

stopped bothering with it too…just doesn’t work.

(Stephen) #4

Thanks for the responses guys. I gave up and bought a little Aeon Labs siren that plugs into the wall and charges. Works perfectly.

(Daniel Gracie) #5

I was really frustrated trying to get this to work last night and am happy to see that I’m not alone. Has this been reported to ST?

(Stephen) #6

I’m sure it has. It has never really worked correctly. I finally gave up

(Daniel Gracie) #7

We need to come up with a chime based z-wave box. Similar to the wireless doorbell, but triggered by doors or other events.