Sonos - Multiple Sounds?

I’m considering getting a Sonos speaker to hook up to my V2 hub, however, I’m curious how playing multiple sounds will work:

I want to play a door chime (or message) when someone comes home. However, if we were playing music through the Sonos system at the same time, what will happen? Will the Sonos happily play both sounds (similar to a notification on your phone), or will it stop the music?

I’m concerned that any actions broadcasted to the Sonos will simply interrupt the normal use of the system.

Yup, there is an option when setting up the notification to pause and then resume the current play list.

So music — CHIME — music…

Perfect, thanks Mike!

A few more questions, since most of the posts I was reading about Sonos were from before it got official integration.

  1. Did they make it so you can output to multiple speakers in a single action? I saw lots of complaints that each action was attached to 1 speaker only.
  2. Did they ever fix the issue with a large delay before the triggered sounds play?

I don’t know, I don’t own a Sonos, but use the Sonos smartapps to run my Samsung speakers.
The delay for text to speech and sounds on the Samsung speakers is a second or two.

I modified the Sonos app to accept multiple speakers, which works, but they don’t fire off at the same time.
trigger -> delay -> first speaker -> delay -> second speaker.

William I have the Sonos speakers and I love them. They do work well with ST.I use it as a hello when I get home, an alarm clock, weather station and a few other things. However, I only use one of the time. They will do music- chime- music but one thing to note is, if you are playing a Pandora favorite station when it goes back to music it will be playing a new song :frowning:

I have one Sonos and would like to get more. It’s a good product. My ST/Sonos integration is really hit or miss, but then I have several problems with ST. It could just be that I live in the Bermuda Triangle of home automation. When it works it’s really awesome and was a big reason I bought ST. Unfortunately my track record with it has not been the best, and this past week or two has been especially poor with the Sonos not playing tracks completely or not firing at all.

Most folks seem to have better luck than I however.

Notify with SONOS >> If your SONOS speakers are grouped the sound will play across all the grouped speakers, but it is a frustrating to have to choose a single speaker.
My moisture sensors all have a customer message and it fires within a couple seconds, typically about the time I get the push message (different smart app).
One thing I really like is you can change the volume when you play the message, so if I am working and have a SONOS at 20-30% for background sounds in the other room, I can trigger the notification “XXX is home” at 50% so I can hear it in my office. The “Water Alarm” triggers at 75% (again, so high because I can on;y guarantee one speaker.)

HI @Ascend , Sonos is a great sound system, but if you want to separate quality music from alerts, I suggest you to use cheep speakers to messages, you could use a cheap DLNA speaker to audio messages without stop your sonos music, If you change the sonos notify with sound, you could send the notification to all the speakers you select without have to goup your sonos