Creating Alexa notification sound for doorbell press

Hey all, Have read through a number of posts on different sites but it seems the apps get updated and changed so quick that most of the methods I’ve followed dont work.

I have a Nest Ring Door bell (Had I known they dont actually work with alexa I wouldnt have bought it, but too late now)

I’ve tried creating virtual switches and routines on smartthings and IFTTT but having no luck with being able to make it so that when the doorbell is pressed it makes the alexa speakers in the house chime.

Can anyone help with a soloution or am I going to have to just buy a could of google speaker things and plug them in in different loations to hear the bell ringing? seems like madness.

Nest has announced there will be an official SmartThings integration within a couple of months. once that is out, you will probably be able to do it, but I don’t know of any way before since there is currently neither integration with smartthings nor with Alexa. :disappointed_relieved:

No guarantees that the new integration will make this option available, but if you can wait, it’s a possibility.

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I am in the midle of the same exercise.
My approach is to pair the doorbell push into my Sonoff RF Bridge,this accepts the command no problem, next I have built scene to make sonoff 5vdc module activate at this command, next remove the reed switch from a sonoff DW2 sensor and wire into the dry NO connections on the sonoff module, this can now be used to trigger verbal responce from Alexa.
A long way round but it does work.

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