Options For Home Audio?

So I know there are a ton of discussions around this, I am just having trouble following and keep up with everything! I am looking for suggestions from people as to an efficient way to broadcast audio with the devices in my home. All suggestions are welcome!

Looking To:

  1. Play notification sounds/clips/files when things happen. I.e. someone gets home. A door opens. A mode changes. Etc.
  2. Neatly control the home audio would be amazing, utilizing both of my receivers and their speakers. I currently just mouse/keyboard on both receivers independently, as they have Windows 10 systems hooked up to them. Youtube, pandora, whatever people want.
  3. Add a couple of “zones”, Bedroom, used for alarms? Notifications, etc. Theater, using existing speakers? I have a shed in the back which could benefit from having a zone.

My Devices, I already have quite an extensive list, but not everything is tied together neatly:

  1. SmartThings V2
  2. Most all overhead light switches are Z-wave
  3. Yamaha RX-V777 - In the Basement Theater
  4. Amazon Echo - Upstairs Living Room
  5. Yamaha somethingsomething - Older, not networked. Upstairs living room
  6. Full surround sound speakers on each receiver
  7. Harmony Home Hub - In the basement Theater

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.


Hi Stephan…did you manage to gain control over your Ymaha receivers via ST ?
I’m looking to do the same or may be replaced with networked receiver, not sure
if that is going to help …