What are some creative sounds and messages you've used with Sonos?

I’m trying to come up with some cool ideas. What kind of welcome messages have you utilized? Do you have angels singing when you open the door? Bad to the bone plays when you arrive? What kind of stuff have you done with Sonos?

I have my Smartthings scheduled to run the Goodnight action at a scheduled time. The settings have the Sonos music stop playing and the custom message “Get your ass to bed!”

When our liquor cabinet opens and I am not home, I have the kitchen SONOS ask my wife to make me one too :smile:

We also have the weather report play the first time the fridge door opens each morning.

Mostly I am ok with push notifications but I could see setting up audible messages for when our washing machine is done and mail has arrived — both have push notifications now.

We have actual dogs but I think I may set it up so that if we are all gone (including dogs) and the door gets jostled, play the dogs barking through the SONOS. It is very scary sounding at high volumes.

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