Transferring concord 4 alarm to ST

Hello everyone,

I purchased a house a few years ago that included a prepaid alarm and home automation sytem. After the prepaid system expired I looked into other options and settled on ST as a replacement. ST has now taken over all of my devices except the alarm panel itself. Rather than continue to pay the monthly monitoring by the alarm company, I am interested in self monitoring through ST.

From what I understand, my concord 4 box is connected to this. The smaller box with the antenna has a chip inside of it that says I am assuming this device was my old controller for all of my zwave devices. Since I no longer pay for the monitoring through my security provider, this is useless to me.

What I am hoping is that I can connect the small box with the antenna to ST. I would really like to be able to arm/disarm and monitor my system through ST, rather than pay someone a monthly fee for it.

Has anyone had any luck with this?



I finally figured out what I am looking for, but cannot get it to work. On the concord 4 2gig cell phone box there is a little chip with a button on it. You can use the following commands from this thread to change its modes:

1st Long Press - Yellow Busy LED 4 Blink Pattern - Include Mode
2nd Long Press - Yellow Busy LED 2 Blink Pattern - Exclude Mode
3rd Long Press - Yellow Busy LED Solid - Replicate Mode

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I can not get into replicate mode. I will keep updating as I troubleshoot this.

@homeautonoob did you ever get this to work?