Any Concord 4 alarm panel users out there?

Just ordered the GE Superbus 2000 automation module, Arduino Mega, RS232 shield, and a Thingshield. I’m going to attempt to figure out how to get ST integrated with my Concord 4 panel based on a similar integration that exists using DSC panels and the IT-100 serial interface. If anyone is interested, I could use a hand trying to figure out how to get it working.

I have one, currently hooked up and through another platform control4. Would be interested in what you come up with.

Let me know how I can help, I am somewhat familiar with the serial commands to/from the alarm panel.

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Awesome, I’ll be in touch once everything arrives and I can establish two-way communications between the ST cloud and the panel.

I have a Concord 4 and extensive experience in this area.

I’m not currently looking to integrate with the Concord 4 although that is an option I would consider. It seems to me all I really want is to integrate the status of its wired door contacts into SmartThings. I’m not sure the alarm box itself is really relevant in the equation and may make things more difficult to extract later. Surely there is some kind of multi-contact trip box… or perhaps I can just cancel the Concord 4’s service plan and use it as that in which case this thread seems like the right place.

Regardless, at this point I’m willing to spend time on most solutions in an exploratory phase to moving the entire alarm system to SmartThings. Another piece I haven’t figured out yet is whether a wireless (3G/LTE not Wi-Fi) notification can be sent from ST to my phone in the event of an alarm condition. I assume that kind of thing goes through the hub when you configure it in the app which is undesirable in the event of a cut Internet line. That is a feature the Concord 4 is currently providing.

I decided to play with the concord this weekend and got a prototype capability working that will communicate zone open closed status from the panel to ST through the automation module serial connection, arduino, and the shield. Ultimately changing state on a concord device type and virtual contact sensors.

How far has everyone gotten down the concord integration path? I hate to reinvent the wheel…

@caesarsghost that’s great! I don’t think anyone has gotten that far yet. I haven’t had a chance to start testing my setup (too many projects on the go), would you mind sharing your code?

The code is below. There are several changes and improvements that need to be made to both the Arduino code and the Device type (I am completely new to groovy).

The arduino uses pins 0 and 1 for the connection to the concord panel through a TTL RS232. That is the only real hookup required. The interface document state that a ACK or NAK can come at any point in a data stream, this case is not currently handled and needs to be added, but I haven’t noticed any issues so far.

The one thing I did notice is that if the Automation Module doesn’t have someone to talk to eventually it will through out a bus failure so make sure you have something running to service the serial port if you hook it up. I also included a very simple python script that I used to view some of the messages.

12/28/14 - Minor update to the code to try and solve some state issues. Currently the code will set all contacts to CLOSED during the refresh cycle and requires the Concord system to indicate that they are OPEN. I also realized I managed to call all the code Condor, this is just a typo due to something else I was working at the time of initial development.

All source can now be found at the link below.

This is a PROTOTYPE, you have been warned.


Thanks, you’re using an Arduino Mega right?

I use an uno for my interface. I also have a new version of the code that cleans some stuff up.

I have noticed that the iphone app has some state display issues after a restart or after you view the activity log. The server state doesn’t look to change, but the icon does. Has anyone seen this behavior?

@caesarsghost Thank you so much for bringing the code so far. I had started on the process and got distracted when I got engaged. I’m back in the game now and would like to get my Concord 4 hooked up to my SmartThings.

I was originally trying to modify the arduino code from and have built the hardware interface using the Arduino Mega. I’m very new to this but would like to learn. Could you point me in the right direction on how to adapt it to the Mega, or perhaps @sgonsalves you’ve already done this?

You reminded me I needed to update the latest code, the current version has been running stable for me for over a month with no change.
The only real issue is that the device type is not super generic and is hard coded to support the 6 zones I currently use, this would have to be changed for your use.

@caesarsghost, thank you for your quick reply! I think I’ve got the hardware speaking. I’m getting Parsing ‘catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0140 00 B862 00 00 0000 0A 00 0A303832323031303630304646464630313330’

Rx and Tx lights are flashing! Alarm panel is no longer indicating a fault! My wife will love that.

I believe I only have 1 Zone. Any help to adapt the code would be much appreciated. I’ll see if I can reverse engineer it by reading what you have written.

@caesarsghost I get Zigbee ‘0822010100FFFF012B’ ‘18’ or something similar intermittently if I plug and unplug the Arduino. When I press the display button it sends a “Display request”, then the data from the Concorde stops.

@caesarsghost for some odd reason, the forum won’t let me post more than 3 replies to your PM. Please email me to continue to dialogue.

I’ll buy an UNO if necessary. I remember from the DSC build that the MEGA had problems with the Tx/Rx as well. I’ve jumpered Rx 2 to Rx 18 and Tx 3 to Tx 19 AND changed the Arduino Code to accommodate. @sgonsalves you may be interested in this.

Both the Tx and Rx are flashing every second or so. I’m getting the Zigbee ping: Zigbee ‘072101000004012E’ ‘16’

althought I’m still having the same problem that I can’t get a display, nor does anything seem to making it to the Concorde panel. At least the panel no longer indicates a fault!

Looks like something in Zone 4 Tripped! Check out the Pin Numbers on the Mega, I think that will fix your problems.

@caesarsghost Thanks for the code! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I moved into a home previously wired with an old ADP/Concord alarm panel. I want to leverage all the motion sensors already installed. I am a newbie to smartthings/arduino but fairly tech savvy. Two very basic questions: (1) Will a Arduino Uno suffice in connecting the automation module serial connection and shield? (2) Could you share your hardware wiring diagram? Thank you much

A UNO is what I use and it has plenty of power to process the serial data stream. The wiring is very simple. Pins 2/3 are used by the SmartThings shield, pins 0/1 are used as Rx/Tx for the serial connection to the Serial TTL and automation module. The H/W serial connection needs to be used due to the parity expected by the automation module. The TTL is then powered by the 5V header provided by the UNO. All you are really doing is hooking up two serial connections, one to the automation module and one to the ST shield. The shield uses a SoftwareSerial implementation, while the automation module required H/W implementation. The automation module also uses normal RS232 line levels, so you that is why you need the TTL.

I have a GE concord 4 alarm system installed at my house. The alarm system includes 2 keypads operator panels, 1 central mother board (controller) and around 20 sensors (both wireless and hardwired) and around 6 outputs. All the modules are communicating using the GE superbus2000. I put scope and looks like this is typical RS485 protocol.

I would like to monitor this concord GE from my LAN creating an HMI application and using RS485 to Ethernet converter with also a virtual serial port. I have done the initial research and dont see why this could not be done.

Has any one attempted to do this already? I am open to partner with others get this done faster.

You could pretty easily use the automation module to provide a documented path into the alarm panel. Just hook up a RS232 to Ethernet converter and with a simple script you could have a gateway into your alarm.

From there you would have to hook up to a Smartthings shield or create an IP gateway into the hub.

I have seen a couple different ip bridges and personally use Python and a raspberry pi.

I really like the idea of just using a simple serial to Ethernet though if you will always have something running in the background to service the interface, the automation module throws a system fault if something does not service it correctly.


Is not the automation module just converting from RS485 to Serial with having an additional Zone input? seems like that’s all it is doing.

I would buy the automation interface as recommended if that could save me work to get done but looks like I still need to develop the HMI application and ensure the protocol across both devices handshake successfully. What do you think?

Can you let me know more about the smartthigs shield, IP bridges you are mentioning? Did you do a the similar integration? i would appreciate any help if your guidance and comments if you already did it.

Thank you