Integrating with a Concord 4 alarm panel?

I have a house with an unused Concord 4 setup for the alarm. I’m wondering what my options are for integrating it with a ST2. It has several doors hard-wired to it, along with two control stations and a cell modem in the attic.

The unit in the attic, I believe, has z-wave functionality of some sort? The part number on the board reads “ADC-200C-EVD”. And there’s a push-button on it that I believe is used for z-wave pairing.

I’m mainly looking to track doors opening, not necessarily get into the whole alarm scheme. Right now it’s off and has no monitoring service associated with it. It was never fully configured (long story, difficult integrator).

So what’re my options here for making use of this stuff?

Here’s a picture of the module in the attic:

This thread has some success I think with this module, check it out.

I suppose that would apply if I were interfacing into the alarm control board directly.

I’m curious as to what my options are for making use of the z-wave interface it has connected to it. To start with, just answering whether it can join with my ST2 setup or if it expect to act on it’s own.

I am pretty sure that zwave board is a hub not a relay. So basically, you can connect other zwave devices to it, but you can not connect it to ST directly, because it is a hub like ST is. Technically zwave has secondary controller feature sets, but to my knowledge, ST doesn’t support secondary controller features.

The only way to integrate with a Concord 4 is via its serial port add on. They don’t support virtual keypads, unfortunately.

I seem to recall seeing a youtube video of someone using a Staples Connect slaved to a ST hub. That made me wonder if something similar was possible here.

I’m of course willing to accept that this particular device might not be as flexible as I’d like, given it’s not designed for this purpose. But given the amount of work-arounds and cleverness with ST apps I figure it’d be worth at least asking.

PM me and we can discuss some options. I can provide a solution where you can track all your doors and windows only. At this time you can have all your doors combined and all your windows combined . For example, if any door opens in your house, then a contact sensor will be defaulted. Same thing with windows. So you will know that some door or window has opened, but wont know which one. If this sounds like something that will work for the time being then let me know.

Yeah, this video:

He’s gotten the SC to join the ST z-wave network, for the purpose of using the SC’s Lutron radio to talk to the ClearConnect Pico remotes.

Now, I have no idea whether or not the Concord 4 module will do this or not, but it certainly presents an interesting combination of z-wave connectivity.

I’d rather get a handle on what can or can’t be done with the gear I’ve got before purchasing more. I’d be more inclined to rip-and-replace the Concord setup anyway.

Do you have the installer code for the concord 4? If so, and you know the programming sequence, you can try to get it into join mode and see if ST sees it.

If you don’t have the installer codes, either an eprom replacement or rip-and-replace may be your only options.

Was the system functional at one point, or was it just put in but never set up?

It was never configured, or at least they never got their act together and worked with me to start using it. I cut my losses and canceled their services. I have no idea what state it’s in. I’d have to fire it up and start untangling how it’s configured, if it is at all.

I did some quick searches on factory resets and there seems to be some options. I don’t have time today to dig into it, but I’d welcome suggestions on how to best start tackling it.

Hi Bill, I also have a Concord 4 with installer code. It was installed in house in 2012, Has only been used locally and now is turned off. I would like to integrate into a HA Hub such as ST. I am trying to find an easy way to do this since my 75 yr old mind does work as well as it use to…I have not purchased any hardward, but will if there is some help on the horizon.

I also have a Concord 4. Is it possible to co-opt the open/close sensors to use them as open/close with SmartThings? I’m a software engineer but haven’t really dabbled in the software side. But it seems like it might be possible using some combination of SnapCards and/or Arduino. I just don’t have enough backgroud to know what I’d need.


This is very easy to do. First you need to be able to get in to your alarm programming menu. I have a concord4 600-1021-95 with wired doors and windows. The concord has 2 onboard outputs that you can configure to energize to different triggers. I also got a 60-758 snap card with addition 4 outputs to configure. I configured outputs to trigger when a sensor opened. Then I wired a aerotec dry contact sensor to the output, so now when door opens SmartThings notifies me. Once added to SmartThings possibilities are endless as far as signaling with lights, sirens or whatever you want.

Do you have more details on how you accomplished this? I’m looking to do the same thing.

I posted an update in the other thread about this detailing how to take full control of your Concord 4 system with a Raspberry Pi. I have it fully integrated with SmartThings, and the Smart Home Monitor based on the previous work done by others.