2GIG GoControl! Intergration

Hello All,
I am looking for some help I am looking to integrate my existing alarm or upgrade to a new alarm that can integrate with smart things.

I currently have this

The main reason is i need the system to be remotely monitored for the insurance company.

Any Help

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Hello @Ryan_Guinn. Welcome to ST. I would not use SmartThings currently for something as important as an Alarm. Being that it is cloud based, and the current issues with SmartThings and reliability, It just will not be a good combination currently. Perhaps as they stabilize the system, this will be better in the future. If you want Lights, and movements sensors that are used to turn on lights ST is fine. But for mission critical items like a house alarm. It is not ready yet,

I love ST, so I hate to say that.

Thanks for the respond.

I am looking for a way to use smart things to Arm and disarm but not be full control.

The panel will still be the main I just want to have the option to arm and disarm via ST

I have the 2gig GoControl as well. Im looking for a way to be able to monitor all the sensors hardwired and 2gig wireless components. I dont guess anyone has successfully done this yet?

I’m now wondering about this as well.
Have any of you gotten anywhere on it yet?

The ST (nor any other primary hub) can NOT control a GC panel or its security actions (or any other security panel for that matterl). That’s not the way Z-Wave works and certainly no alarm mfr. or alarm dealer wants an unknown 3rd party device like ST to potentially compromise their promise of security monitoring, right?

No, all those GC2 motion/windows/etc. sensors are proprietary wireless (not Z-Wave) and only the GC panel can monitor and control those. And the only way to monitor those is with Vivint or a cheaper DIY monitoring company like SuretyDIY.com who has the GC backend receiving equipment at the alarm central station. Then most offer and Alarm.com online account which can integrate your Z-Wave devices (as the GC panel is Z-Wave secondary controller) like lights with alarm actions.

Speaking of alarm station - Your insurance company almost certainly requires a note from an accredited alarm monitoring company whose station and processes for contacting local services have been UL listed as ISO-7420 certified.

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Interesting…other than my initial background check into the company’s reliability and trustworthiness, we got going with our monitoring company and never checked for their accredited status or anything like that. As for insurance though, no such requirements were ever communicated to us. This house didn’t have a security alarm system when we bought it brand new. We had it installed a while after we moved in, and have only communicated with our finance officer and the monitoring company ever since. Have we been missing out on a possible discount from our home owner’s insurance company for having a monitored alarm system?

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