Trane XL824 Integration?

I don’t really see an answer to this, but I’m trying to see if the Trans XL824 will integrate directly with smart things? I have it connected, but ST sees the unit as a z-wave controller. Thoughts?

The XL 824 is a strange beast. It’s certified as a Z wave controller, as you’ve noticed. It’s also a thermostat and it does support the Z wave thermostat commands, but there doesn’t appear to be any way for an outside controller to access them. The XL824 believes it’s going to be the primary controller and at the present time I think it will only talk to a Nexia bridge ( they are sister companies), and then only via the Nexia web portal.

I Believe @johnconstantelo was looking into it at one point, he has written the device type handler that works with some other trane models, so he may be able to say more.

Here’s the conformance statement for the device, you can see that it self identifies as a controller, not a thermostat.

Yeah I was looking at that and was unsure if I could somehow incorporate it. I’m not sure why it’s been locked down so much…