Stumbled Upon this Honeywell Z-Wave tstat

(Derek) #1

I didn’t see any mention of it here. here is the link

Has anyone tried this? Especially with ST?

(Chrisb) #2

Looks like the one that I’m using. Works quite well with SmartThings.

(Viren Patel) #3

I use this with smartthings. Haven’t had any issues and it works great with smartthings. I previously had a nest but hated the menu and annoying interface. The thermostat is very responsive and we barely ever touch the thermostat now that its integrated into the smartthings hud with automatic mode adjustment and a/c stop/start cut for windows or doors that are left open. Definitely a thumbs up. =)

(Derek) #4

Excellent. Thanks for the reply.


What is the model number of your tstat you are using