Trane TZ400BB3VZNNSL Communication

I need help trouble shooting two TZ400BB3VZNNSL Trane Thermostats. I have had them for over a year and have had the m working with Smart things successfully for 6-8 months. As of 9:18am today I lost communication from Smart things to my downstairs thermostat. As of 8:04 am I lost connection to my upstairs thermostat.

On ST both Thermostats read as 67 degrees (away set to 65), Furnace never came on when we arrived (home 70). Both Thermostats can be overridden manually, However,I believe that the malfunction has caused my reading on the actual thermostat downstairs to stick at the correct set point of 70 degrees, even though it is much cooler. Once either are overridden, ST remains at 67 degrees. No adjustments can be made on ST.

I tried unplugging the hub, reloading the app and even trying to remove the thermostats from ST. I can’t do so until I remove the 6 smart apps from each Thermo. When I try to access them, I get an error and can’t do so. Right now I seem to be stuck. Tried to handle everything from the developers page here, but still no luck.

All other devices seem to work fine.

Any help is appreciated. ST support doesnt reopen till Monday AM. Its surprisingly colder here in desert (Las Vegas, NV).

I’d start with the logs

Try again this morning? My Trane thermostat was acting the same as yours all day yesterday, but seems ok now.