Trane XR524 (TZEMT524AA21MA) Thermostat problems

Hey there,

This is my first post on the smartthings forums and I am quite new to the smartthings community. My lennar home came with a variety of nexia compatible smart devices and I have been in the process of transferring them all over to smartthings to avoid paying for the terrible nexia service. I have a hub v2 and both the smartthings classic and the new smartthings app.

I unfortunately am having problems with these thermostats. They used to work with the classic app almost flawlessly. They were easy to add to the network and most functions worked without fail. However when the new app came out and I transitioned my devices over to that and then the problems started.

When using the classic app, most functions would apply nearly instantly and the thermostat would give a satisfying clicking noise when the settings would apply. The new app has not been friendly.

It’s been a few months now and the situation hasn’t improved. When I would attempt to change the temperature, the app would let me adjust by one degree and then immediately freeze with a spinning circle while it attempted to apply the change and would wait until it receives a signal back from the thermostat. Changing the thermostat by 4 or 5 degrees could take a few minutes while I had to constantly adjust by one degree and wait. When I attempt to change the device to heating, cooling, auto, or off, it will lock up again with the spinning circle, actually apply the change to the thermostat, and then display an error in the app stating that there was an error communicating with it, all the while the temperature and settings wouldn’t match the recently applied tempurature. Most functions do not work at all anymore either, like the fan circulation feature, and turning it from auto to completely off.

I don’t know what I could do to fix this. The thermostat isn’t listed as officially supported and the classic app now has the same problems when previously it worked great. The new app has no way that I could find for me to remove it and add it back to my network since there are only a few officially supported thermostats. Most of the posts that I have found for this thermostat are nearly 3 years old and all apply to the classic app back when it was the only developed platform.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that would help these thermostats perform normally how they used too with this new smartthings app? I’m trying to avoid having to replace 3 of them but I might consider it if I have no other option.

Thank you!