Is Trane TZEMT400BB3NX working with smartthings?

Hi All,

Did someone get this to integrate fully with smartthings? I see few posts saying they weren’t able to switch back the fan to auto and couldn’t control all the functions via smartthings. Amazon has this on sale for $78.99. It would be great to hear if this works.


I am pretty sure it does. The following thread shows it was partially working, but that was before they finished fully rolling out support for thermostats.

@coryds, Thank you! Bought one from Amazon. will reach out / post a thread if I can’t get it to work.

@coryds, I bought this but couldn’t wire it in my apt. I don’t have a 24v line connected which this thermostat requires…Guess, i will have to wait till i move in to my new house…If someone knows a workaround, let me know.

I know surya, the OP was unable to use this tstat as he did not have a 24 volt system.

But for others wondering if the TZEMT will work with ST, the answer is the “it should”. The hardware base of this product is the RCS TZ-45 which is on the ST compatible list.

BTW - I have a TZEM400… from my last home where I used it with another home automation system. I’d let it go for $50 plus shipping. If anyone wants it, please PM me.


I have this trane TZEMT400BB3NX and can confirm it works fine with ST. Only thing I couldn’t get to work was the “fanCirculate” option.

Has anything changed in regards to support of this thermostat since march of 2014? Is it fully supported now?


I just got my SmartThings yesterday and have two Trane TZEMT400AB32MAA. I used the RCS preset when adding the device and the hub found them and added them. Both seem to be working fine and I have been able to turn them on locally and change the temperature.

Are you able to change directly to the new desired temperature or must you click the temp up/down button several times? Thank you.

The control screens in the app have a slider to set the term, not an up down. Slider works for me.

Is it possible for my SmartThings hub to keep the time set correctly on these thermostats?