Tradfri button explanation for E1745 Motion Sensor?

Hi. I am sure someone has asked this before, but I’ve been searching and can’t find it

Does anyone know how to work with the sun/moon button? The instructions are terrible. A few words would go a long way! Is it day and night time by a clock or maybe room darkness. And how is the button set? I push and test but there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Are there better instructions than what is provided in the box? Thank you for any help.

The sun/moon button is asking you whether you want it to work 24 hours a day, or only when it is dark.

If it is on the sun option, it means that the motion sensor will always trigger, no matter what the current light reading is.

If it is on the moon option, the motion sensor will only trigger if it is also dark.

I think there is supposed to be an indication on the top of the sensor when you change from one or the other, but I don’t know that for sure.

The other button to the right is the dim setting you want the bulbs to use if you have the motion sensor directly controlling Tradfri bulbs. It is a choice between 30% bright setting or 100% bright setting.

So if you were using this inside a closet, for example, if you use the sun setting and the 100% setting than the lights would come on to 100% 24 hours a day when motion was detected.

If you wanted to use it for a nightlight, you might use the moon setting and the 30% setting and then the lights would come on to 30% but only if it was dark in the room when motion was detected.

Again, I don’t have one of these, so I don’t know what the indicator is to let you know what it is currently set to, hopefully someone else will.

Also, I don’t know how these work when the sensor is used directly with smartthings. The people in the following thread should know those answers:

Ikea motion sensor

Thank you so much! You are always more than helpful.

The sensor appears to connect to ST just fine. I didn’t notice any limitations. Now to figure out if I am on the sun or the moon. The previous sensor had a screw to turn in select the setting, which made sense. Thank you again!

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Those options only work if you pair the device directly to a Tradfri bulb.
The SmartThings integration works only as a motion sensor 24/7.

Otherwise as @JDRoberts said, Sun = 24 hours, Moon = only in low level of light (it has a lux sensor but not exposed to Zigbee), the other 2 options are for the brightness of the directly connected bulb, 30% brightness of 100% brightness.

For direct pairing, you need to hold the sensor close to the bulb and hold the pairing button for 10++ seconds until it pairs fully with the bulb. Then both device will be out of the control of SmartThings as I can recall.

When you press the button next to the icons a red LED should show you which option is selected.

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Oh! So if I am not pairing to a Tradfri bulb I can skip those buttons?! Little wonder no matter what I have tried seems to not make a change. I felt like the proverbial pigeon pecking itself crazy. Thank you both for all the help. :slight_smile:

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