Ikea motion sensor

(Petter) #1

Ikea just released a zigbee motion sensor for $10 which i bought. It connects to ST but I cant find a device handler which works. Its stuck on ‘Active’. Does anyone know a device handler for a zigbee motion sensor? I’ve tried the SmartSense…

(Paul) #2

Time for some trial and error?



Do you have a link for this or just saw it in store?

(Paul) #4

Is it the same as the one shon in the image here?


(Paul) #5

Long shot but give this DTH a go and let us know?

(Petter) #6

Yes its this one! They had the dimmer aswell.

(Petter) #7

Yes, Im going through it now but thought i’d ask to hopefully speed up the process.

(Petter) #8

Didnt work right of the bat. I will dig into it tomorrow, its getting late. Thanks for helping!

(Paul) #9

Good luck. Out of interest how much did you pay for it?

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(Joakim Olerius) #10

Maybe the Xiaomi motion DTH could work… those are ZigBee and works for me in ST

(Petter) #11

It was sold bundled with a bulb for ~$25.

(Petter) #12

I’ve tried that. Its sold with a bulb and your supposed to be able to connect directly to bulbs. Maybe it sends a different command if motion is detected then other motion detectors? Or maybe not. Im not really experienced with zigbee programming. The battery status works with almost every DH though.

(Petter) #13

Does posting the raw description of the device here give any clues?


That may help, and there should also be a “zbjoin” event in your hub logs with more detail.

(Petter) #15

This is the zbjoin:

zbjoin: {“dni”:“0D14”,“d”:“000B57FFFE2EE74B”,“capabilities”:“80”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“01 0104 0850 02 06 0000 0001 0003 0009 0B05 1000 05 0003 0004 0006 0019 1000”,“application”:“11”,“manufacturer”:“IKEA of Sweden”,“model”:“TRADFRI motion sensor”}]}

(Petter) #16

After researching and trying to decipher the zbjoin response i have sorted it out as far as i can for now, is this correct? In my n00b mind the motion sensor could report motion in the out-cluster “0006” as an on/off command? I’ve read the guide for writing zigbee DHs but it’s kinda hard to grip…


Profile ID:

Device ID:

Device Version:

In clusters:
0000 - Basic -
0001 - Power configuration
0003 - Identify
0009 - Alarm
0B05 ???
1000 ???

0003 Identify
0004 Groups
0006 On/Off
0019 Reserved
1000 ???

How do i work out the "IN" and "OUT" clusters from zigbee device (Tradfri Motion sensor)
(fabrizio) #17


Do you know in which countries is it going to be sold?
We have tradfri here in Italy but could not find the motion sensor

(Petter) #18

No, sorry, no idea…

(Wayne) #19

The zbjoin event looks promising. Should be possible to make a DH that works. In which country was this purchased?


The following thread is my favorite example of how a community member who didn’t really know anything about writing zigbee device type handlers was able to write one for a brand-new device, in that case the securifi key fob. He got a lot of help from more experienced members. Just skimming through that might give you some ideas about the steps to take.