Tradfri Bulb not reachable through app, remote or google home

Hi All,

My first post here. Yesterday I setup smartthings hub (v3) and paired 4 IKEA Tradfri E12 bulbs, and it works fine. I also paired a IKEA wireless dimmer with smartthings, and it was able to on/off/dim the 4 lights. I was able to control the lights through google home also.

Today morning, when I tried to use the remote, it did not work - the lights did not switch on.
Tried to switch on the lights through google home, that also failed (google home said “failed to do that”).
I opened smartthings app, and it was trying to check the status of the bulbs and the hub for a long time.

I also killed power for the bulbs a couple of times. After sometime, app started showing status for all the bulbs and for the hub.

Has anyone else also faced a similar issue?