Ikea Trådfri connection failed


yesterday i was connecting some new bulbs and an Ikea Remote.

ST found the bulbs and the remote but they wouldnt work. not in the app or with the remote.

i have paired other bulbs before and they work but not this time, so i would guess i did something wrong whwn installing.

Any tips for this to work?
Can i just reinstall the bulbs and remote and try again?

Which size bulb was it ?
Have you installed the custom device handler for it?

it was the GU10 400lm bulbs.

im using the same DH i use on the other Ikea bulbs. ( edvaldeysteinsson : IKEA-Tradfri)

Have you tried resetting them and re pairing

not yet, since i read somewhere that it was not an god idea.
il try it later today.

All you would be doing is resetting the WiFi credentials and seen as they’ve not been connected yet it won’t matter.
But one of my bulbs wouldn’t connect and soon as I reset it it connected.
Does the ikea remote actually work on ST I didn’t think it did ?
If so what can you do with it

my remote didnt respond either.
i will try to pair the bulbs and remote again.

im officialy going back to using HUE in lightning :rage:
The Ikea solution was to much hasle for me.