Tp link color bulbs now slow in responding

Recently my tp link bulbs have been slow to respond. The two bulbs when click on them in the classic app will stay on green-waiting status. They will eventually respond. Any thoughts?

What integration method are you using?

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Tp link cloud service manager

From davegut

This is DaveGut.

You are describing the phone app response time, correct.

Bulb operating normally. How fast is the actual bulb turning on / off? If the bulb itself is responding normally, the cause is (likely) in the SmartThings infrastructure comms (i.e., SmartThings cloud to your phone app). Try the below to verify:

In the phone app, about a second after the phone is turned on then return to the main (My Home) page. Is the device still waiting? (I have had similar problem in past where SmartThings is slow in responding to device status updates.)

Bulb slow responding. If the bulb itself is slow, go to the preferences page and set the light transition time to 0.5 seconds and try again.

I just tested my LB-130 using the latest Device Handler and the phone app and bulb are responding as expected.

If you think there is an error, go to the IDE and live logging. Turn the bulb on or off several times. Select the Bulb, copy the log and paste as a reply to this message.

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I’m currently using a dimmer group for both bulbs. It seems like its hit and miss of the bulbs are responding slow or not. I could only take it down to 1 second.

Is it the bulb or the user interface that is slow?

Probably the app, but it seems like both are slow. I’ll confirm for sure later on today

Looks like the bulbs responding normally, the app seems slow to update

Thanks. I can not do anything about slow responding apps.

Next time you log into the IDE (nothing better to do), turn on logging and watch the logging on the bulb. It should be very quick after sending the command. That is the cue to the phone app to change status to on.

What is “waiting” saying. Waiting is saying the command has been started through the phone app. So, the system is sending the command to the bulb. It will change when the bulb replies back with the valid final state.