Response is slow from ST app only?

Hello all,

Got some great help on my latest topic but have run into another “problem” that I’m hoping to get rid off. The ON/OFF light response time is quite slow (2-3 seconds) from the ST app (new version) but almost instant when using the Philips Hue app (less than 1 second). I can understand this when doing control through cloud, but shouldn’t be the case when locally controlled?

Likewise, when pressing “Living Room ON/OFF” the two pendant lights in the living doesn’t turn ON/OFF simultaneously despite it being the same model and same SW/FW.

I have the Bridge and ST Hub (V3) connected and everything is controlled locally as per the status in ST IDE. So I’m clueless as to why this is the case. I have tried having the ST Hub (V3) in two different locations with no noticeable change. Even tried the SmartThings Hub on Ethernet cable with no difference either.

Hope someone can help me with this!


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I believe you are just experiencing the slowness of the new app. Just my opinion. When I press on/off, I watch the spinning for a few seconds before any device turns on/off :slight_smile:

Classic app was faster … again, just my opinion


Do report it to ST support so they can document it. If enough people report it hopefully it will show up in someone’s radar and they’ll figure out how to make it more responsive.

The new app is much slower than the Classic app for most things, including navigating rooms and devices and looking at status. But it’s not that much slower for basic operations like on/off.

I just tested turning a Zigbee bulb (using a local DTH) on and off from both apps. In the Classic app, the operation is nearly instantaneous whether I do the operation from the room page or from the device page. In the new app, there is a noticeable delay between pressing the control and the light responding. It’s under 1/10 of a second, but it’s definitely there. Often, but not always, operating the light from the rooms view (via the favorite tile) has a longer delay than operating the light from the device page.

(OTOH, it took under 5 seconds to open the Classic app and drill down to the Room’s page. It took nearly 20 seconds to do the same on the new app)

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Everyone may have different experierences. I only pointed out mine. YMMV

Anyone should contact ST support :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies! Could be that it’s just the new app (tried using the old app but the response time seemed to be the same). The delay I can live with, but the light not turning on simultaneously is annoying me. Must be either ST app or ST + Hue integration as the response is immediate with Hue app, right?

Just tried to setting it up “without hub” and feel like it’s a bit quicker? Don’t know how that makes sense as that should mean it now runs on cloud. Nonetheless, there’s still a delay and the lights still turn on “one at a time” ZzZZ

I’m sure there are other threads on this but I’ve noticed cloud devices often have a few second delay and even sometimes “double” refresh - making the app experience as a user unbearable. If you have a large device list like mine I almost dont even want to use it. Being forced to move things over to a less than ideal experience hasn’t been great. :confused:

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Yes this is typical a big problem, on V3 everything use 2-10sec Sec to respond. This is just bad. Not by this HUB before ST do something tomfix this.