Slow or non-responsive things

For a while, my SmartThings setup has been working great - it’s not a big system, perhaps a little over a dozen things under control, with some automation. Most devices are the GE zwave switches and dimmers. Recently, it’s all started to fall apart. Devices are slow to respond - tap them in the app and it may take seconds or minutes for the devices to respond. A few days back, I stopped waiting and tapped the wall switch and went to bed. The next day, I checked the notifications tab, and the switch off event was recorded three hours later.

I’ll go to work on the system, and the switches will respond OK. AT the end of the day, I’ll tap the “good night” automation and the lights will remain on, sometimes responding with 1-2 minutes, some not at all.

I don’t know what tools I have available to debug my system. The “device health” thing in the app looks like a complete fiasco - many device show with the red-triangle indicating poor health, but respond anyway, as has been reported in these forums.

I want to love this and believe it is a home automation platform, but it keeps turning back into a toy.
Any advice?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

A delay of hours can’t have anything to do with your local zwave network – – it has to be related to the cloud account. So my best recommendation would be to get in touch with support and see if they can see anything from their side.

Could a slow / poor connection to the cloud explain slow response of things to commands from the app or from automations? Are there good ways to test the connectivity of my hub?

Yes. Anything you do in the mobile app has to go to the cloud, it doesn’t go directly to the hub. So the cloud is always involved in that. But it’s not usually about connectivity, it’s typically about the actual processing in the cloud itself.

The best thing to do is just to get in touch with support and let them start looking at it. There are a lot of things that they can see that we cannot.

Also note that since you first posted a number of community members have posted that they are having latency problems, so it may just be that you’re caught up in that same issue. :disappointed_relieved: See the following: