Slow response from Smart Apps?

(Chrisb) #1

Anyone else noticing slow response from apps? I have an app that triggers when a switch is hit. I hit the switch. It’ll show up in the App that the switch is on, but it can take some times up to 40-60 seconds before the app initiates.

(Solardave1) #2

Yup, yesterday/last night. Status was wrong so I hit the tiles but the log didn’t show the state changes so I kept turning the decices on and off. Ater about 3/4 minutes, the log started streaming all the commands. Latency seems fine this morning though - almost instantaneous.

(Zach Naimon) #3

Yep, it’s because of the action queueing process. Just a little latent at peak times. There should be a fix for this released in the next few months.

(Lucas) #4


What is the status of the Event Wiring for the hub? Simple example a motion is triggered and a light turns on without the need of the cloud. I know it was brought up a few months ago.


(Zach Naimon) #5

Lucas -

I just discussed this with our CTO yesterday. There are a few large items prioritizes higher than local/Event Wiring. That said, I’m going to go and get an rPi and see if I can’t get it working.

(Coolcatiger) #6

What I noticed is - on ios dimmer switch longer to refresh tile status than andriod app. So I am wondering if delay is specific to ios app and not the hub.

(Cory S) #7

Android seems to take longer in general refreshing device status.