Hue bulbs stuck in "Turning On" state, and are really slow to respond

Hi everyone.

I migrated from a V1 Hue Hub to the V2 Hue Hub and started bringing everything back into SmartThings, but I’ve run into a bit of an issue.

With the V2 Hue HUb connected and all bulbs discovered, I’ve found they are taking several minutes to resond from changes within the SmartThings app.

For example turning on a light in the kitchen results in the icon turning blue with the text “TurningOn” for five to ten minutes, before the light actually pops on.

Within the Hue app reaction is instant and works really well, but in SmartThings world it is slow and very much not responding, which is making day to day life really troublesome.

Is there a way to troubleshoot this, or fix it in any way? With the V1 Hue Hub everything worked really great, and it’s a bummer that the entire house is slowly falling apart now.

Have you powered down the old v1 hue bridge after migrating to the v2? You can also try rebooting both your router and ST hub. Last item but not related… it sounds like you are using the ST Classic app… have you considered installing and checking out the new ST app? The Classic app is in the beginning/early stages out being phased out.


V1 Hub has been turned off and is not physically plugged into anything.

I’ve rebooted SmartThings Hub and my router, but the issue still persists.

I did try to give it a go in to new ST app and see if that made any difference but it just spins around the power-icon for some time.

Does the old v1 hue bridge still listed in the device list for ST? If so, you may want to remove it.

That did the trick. Thanks a ton!