Can't login and reset my smartthings password

Trying to reset my password for my SmartThings account but no luck. Do NOT receive any email.

Please help.

Have you tried at

I can log into Samsun account no issues but can’t login to SmartThings account. I had a lot of things setup under my Smartthings account but can’t access anymore.

Do you get an error? Or what happens when you try? Can you sign into ?

Throw s this error “Invalid username or password”, but I setup my smartthings IDE few hours ago then logged out and now I can’t log back in, nor can I reset password.

Just checking… you are using the same userid and password that you use for the ST app to login to IDE at … both are the same as your Samsung login. Unless you have multiple samsung accounts by chance

But @Brad_ST will get you in :slight_smile:

nope, I use the same email :frowning:

And you’re not using a password manager or something like that? I’ve never heard of being able to sign into but not You might need to contact the Samsung account help team by going here and selecting Samsung account -

Shot in the dark but you are clicking on Sign in with Samsung account and not Sign in with SmartThings account at

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Tried both Samsung and Smartthings, same username pass, in different browsers…can login to Samsung but not smartthings

Samsung is what you want to use. The SmartThings accounts were migrated over to Samsung a few years ago. Does your hub and all devices show when you login under Samsung?

Nope, that’s the problem. Everything was setup undersmarthings and none of that shows up in Samsungs, which means I’ll have to go through all over again :frowning:

Contact ST support first or wait to see if @Brad_ST can offer some advice at this point

Click on Locations and check if there might be multiple locations listed. You may be able to select the other one if that is the case to find your hub and devices.

You never migrated to a Samsung account? There are devices on a Samsung account under the email used for the community but there isn’t a SmartThings account. You should contact support as there are limits to how much we can help via the community.

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