TorchStar WiFi Switches $47.51, for 6!

I have no idea if these work with SmartThings, but they are $7.92 each with 6 pack. Or 3 for $24. Alexa compatible. Maybe Prime only price, and looks like it is a lightning deal.

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Spot reading the reviews, they make no sense. They keep referring to lights. Not sure what’s up with that.

A lot of those reviews must be for a smart bulb that the vendor also sells. One product page on amazon can have several different device options on it.

It kinda makes sense when it’s one item that comes in different colors or sizes or something (e.g. a shirt, package of diapers), it makes much less sense when it’s actually different tech devices.

Either way, personally I don’t prioritize going super cheapo on devices that are plugged into electrical outlets. This product page doesn’t mention anything about UL or other safety lab certifications. I’m happy to pay more for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an independent authority has confirmed that the device will probably not burn down my apartment.