Iris Lighting Pack - $71.24 less $15 w/ 15 off $75 at Lowes

Tip of the cap to JDRoberts for noting that these smart plugs serve as both z-wave and zigbee repeaters.

Anyone know if the motion detector works on Smartthings?

Yes they do. Actually picked this pack up myself this weeks for some more outlets. There is a somewhat tricky procedure to get the z-wave part to pair.

Super cool…wanted the plug, wanted the motion sensor, had the 15 off coupon, so this all worked out perfectly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up.

Not tricky at all. Press the power/inclusion button quickly 5 times, light starts blinking, ST finds it as “generic Z-wave device”.

I bought all of these my local Lowe’s had yesterday…unfortunately that was only 1 :frowning:

Hmmm, last I read in the 3210-L thread it was 8 times. And it seemed if you weren’t quick enough and actually turned it on or off it didn’t work. Either way, it isn’t hard.

I have about 15 of the plugs that I got when they were blowing them out $11/each. Just don’t remember it being an issue pairing them…I have been waiting and waiting on another sale like the $11/each one but I think that’s long gone. Going to pick up this pack as I am running out of spares.

Maybe it’s 8, IDK, could be 10. I don’t actually count, just press quickly until it starts blinking LOL

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