Tizen IoT / RPI3 / network audio example problem

Hi everyone
I’m trying to connect Smartthings with my raspberry pi3 (Tizen 4.0)
I made example project “Network Audio” on Tizen studio, and connect Rpi3, and run it.

then, my Rpi3 wifi connect break. I can’t use wifi on rpi3 again.

so, the only way is installing Tizen again!

the weird thing is, Rpi3 emit wifi signal… I can’t even connect it.

How can I fix it?
Is firmware wrong?

Where did you get a Tizen release for an RPi? Also, why would you run Tizen on an RPi?

thanks for replying.

I got Tizen image form http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/4.0-unified/

and I want to make any other cloud Iot project.
This example is just practice …

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It solved!
I just use another device to connect…


This is cool!

What exactly do you mean?

I tried to use smartthings mobile application for android.

but my first mobile phone has little bit problem to connect wifi.

so I used another android device!