Razberry on Raspberry PI

Been playing with the Razberry for the Raspberry Pi. You can add it as a secondary controller and get REAL local control. All Z-Wave devices import and with a few tweaks within the Demo app run fine. You have to re-add the devices already associated with SmartThings and then its on.


I just purchased a raspberry pi and plan on experimenting with it to see what I can do. Ideally - I would like to run linux on it and perhaps use the audio output to say things when different events occur. Like welcome (your name here home) and read the weather perhaps. Does anyone know if there is a way you can send a text message to a linux computer that would tell it to run a script? Perhaps even send a text message to a mac as well and execute a script.

Please keep the group posted and hopefully share code and architecture on Pi integration.

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How do you add the Razberry as a secondary controller?? I am trying to include by adding a new device in SmartThings app and enabling include mode on the Razberry but it doesn’t seem to connect. Am I missing something?

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