Automations not showing -- where can I get Smartthings classic iOS app?

I have old automations that are still running, but not visible in the new Smartthings app. From what I’m seeing here, the resolution is to install the classic app, delete them from there, and then re-set them up in the new app.

However, I can’t find the classic app in the App Store any longer. Guess its been removed as its no longer supported?

How can I modify or remove these old automations? Do I need to reset my hub and start over from scratch? Will that even work?

Argh, why does everything I do on Smartthings have to be so complicated?

The classic app has been discontinued. All the old routines should have been terminated in the backend by ST. Any chance they are smart lights rules that are still running?

Or if you ran the migration tool, everything should have been converted to automations.

Sadly, I missed the chance to run the migration tool. The one remaining automation is running on a z-wave switch. Maybe I should try deleting that switch and then re-adding it?

Removing the device and adding it back should resolve the issue of the missing routine/automation