Time based events failing?

V1 Hub - Sunset/sunrise timer worked fine today. Hopefully my issue was just a one day glitch.

you can be bad… just don’t be worst than the competition.

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It’s still the best product in this space, and I’m still enjoying using it, and it still is largely working for me. I know that’s not everyone’s experience or feelings, but it’s mine.

Still, ST fix the scheduler, and find the cause and architect out the possibility of it happening again. Armor plate our schedules. Then give us users. Then I promise I won’t ask for anything else (yeah right!). :smile:


I can change that if you feel it improves the situation :slight_smile:


agreed I already tried almond and looked at others. This is the most flexible … especially how open it is, and how many devices it supports. I hope they get this under control… I am going to add some simplerule back rules today to my two hubs.

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Android app update just published: https://community.smartthings.com/t/android-2-0-4-release-notes-10-30-2015/27636

Here’s hoping it helps in sooo many ways.

Edit: I’m not seeing it in the Play store yet, but that’s normal.

I honestly don’t know. When the latest Samsung phone has a relatively minor problem like shorter than expected battery life, there are dozens or hundreds of articles reporting it… But again, millions of customers who buy phones many times in their lives.

But more discussion in relevant Topic:

Waiting for the 666th post. Will win a “I am the poltergeist” Tee Shirt as an award . :wink:


Not yet, please hold on to your pen. We don’t want to wake up the big brother Samsung to have no platform at all.


Le sigh. The outside lights turned on at sunset, but they didn’t turn off at sunrise. Neither did my house go from armed (stay) to disarmed at sunrise.
I had re-done all the smartapps yesterday, but apparently to no avail.
:frowning: at least they acknowledge the problem on the status page.

Looks like the new fix has been applied but the notification says any “newly” created scheduled should work fine…@SBDOBRESCU is home alone and do we hear him volunteering to check if it works? :wink:

Unless this happens:


“Monitoring - SmartThings has deployed a fix to address processing of scheduled actions in North America. Any newly created schedules should run as expected. The engineering team will continue monitoring the issue and will provide updates here accordingly.
Oct 30, 13:06 EDT”

Does this mean we have to recreate all of our schedule times?

My house went into night mode at 11:50am. I know it’s been getting darker earlier, but this is ridiculous!


Yes. But note that I am getting an error message attempting to do so.

This is getting really old.

Oops! @JDRoberts this time they really got you real bad!

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SmartThings “Identifies” a problem and fixes it just a bit over an hour later! Amazing!


History belongs to those who write it…


Agreed. I moved from Wink because of the lag. It’s of no use to have a fast system that doesn’t work as it should. Sigh…

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well there fix didn’t; work… I went thorugh to try and check schedules again… notice weather tile was set in past…
see first pict.

went in and update it… all looks ok …
see second pict.

once done with update went back in and looked at it.
Scheduled in the past again!!!

see last pict…

what a cluster #@@#

also the severe weather check smartapp is also schedule in the past and will not update… will try removing and reading…

what a pain.

Typically when I write code, I intentionally leave a bug out there… Then it goes to production and of course some client complains and whines about it… I jump on the code and fix it within an hour and become an instant hero… :sunglasses: