Things to try with matter capabale tv?

So i just purchased a new samsung tv & it said it was matter capable & it hot me thinking what can i tryout that i mayne cant do on my hub or something differnet. I was thinking of trying out a switchbot but am also wondering what is everyone else doing?

What hub do you currently have?

Version 2.

The TV should give you Thread capabilities, which your V2 doesn’t have. So you could test out using an Eve product like their motion sensor.

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So i understand, using thread will allow me to use devices that i couldnt use on my version 2 hub? Just trying to learn as i go along.

That is correct. Specifically, Matter over Thread devices.


Do you know if the Samsung televisions support matter bridges yet?

@Automated_House i looked up the motion sensor & its indoor & outdoor so i could use it for a motion sensor outside. I did see a cool indoor air quality display that caught my eye. I know aeotech & another company have a aensor for air quality but i havent seen much info on it. Just a quick queation, would this be local or cloud?

@JDRoberts my tv is an 80c & i saw the matter logo on the screen when i was setting it up but when i google my tv for matter & thread i cant find anything for it.

What’s the exact model number?

Q80ca is the model

@Automated_House @JDRoberts did you guys see the article in the verge about the eve smart plug being compatible with smartthings energy monitoring? Suppose to go live today. Article says its the only non smasung product that works with energy monitoring. Im thinking maybe i can try that instead of the motoon sensor.

That’s not what the article says, at all. Tuohy is always reliable, and here’s what she actually said

The platform was previously limited to Samsung appliances or connected devices that received SmartThings Energy certification. It now works with third-party smart devices, including lighting products, thermostats, and outlets from companies like Wemo, TP-Link Kasa, Aeotec, Ecobee, Sengled, and Resideo (Honeywell).
While the majority of these products don’t report energy usage in the way the Eve plug can

Just as a Just as an example the Aqara plug has worked with the energy dashboard for quite a while, and so does at least one of the Tapo models.

And multiple plugs are able to use energy monitoring in routines, even though they don’t show up on the dashboard feature.

So it’s cool that the Eve is going to also be a third-party device that works with the energy dashboard, but it’s definitely not the only one. Or the first.

The confusion may have come because what she did say is this is the first time that the Eve plug will be able to provide energy monitoring for android users. Which is true, but only for that specific model, because Eve doesn’t have its own android app yet.

Hopefully someone who has that model will chime in and let us know what it’s capable of. Things are changing so fast it’s hard to find any reliable references. :thinking:

I was wondering when Eve/SmartThings would announce that. They’ve been working on it for at least 3 months.

FWIW, Home Assistant also announced today Eve Energy will get energy monitoring via the Matter integration this month.

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Custom clusters, though, not vanilla Matter.

One of the most popular Matter devices on the market right now, the Eve Energy Plug, has custom support for energy metering - a function not yet supported in the current Matter standard. The only way to see your energy usage was inside Eve’s own app. We’ve worked together with Eve, so we can now read the measurements from their plugs via custom Matter clusters and show them in Home Assistant!

If it’s a Q80C, then it supports:

SmartThings Hub / Matter Hub / IoT-Sensor Funtionality


Zigbee / Thread Module

Reference here. No mention of Matter bridge.

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Dom— this is important because the “matter bridge“ capability is how you add the SwitchBot devices so you get local operation via the SwitchBot Hub 2.

You can still use it with SmartThings, but it will be a cloud to cloud integration, not matter.

Take a look at the details page for The television at

And see what it says there. :thinking:

right. Its basically the equivalent of custom zigbee clusters.

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I think I may try the eve plug and play with that and see what happens. Maybe by then they’ll be improvements in the matter capabilities

I have the Eve Energy plug. It has a Power Meter indicator and Energy Consumption indicator on the device panel. It is also included in the ST device energy usage. The only problem I have with it is that it goes offline regularly. But that may be attributable to what I think is a rather flakey Thread stack on my fridge dongle. I only have the one Thread device so it’s hard to narrow it down.

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