Question about matter compatibility with samsung q80c smart tv

Im looking to replace my lock with the yale matter enabled smart lock, add 2 inovelli matter light switches, an eve smartoutlet & my question is could this be paired to my samsung q80c smart tv that is matter enabled? Im looking to save a few bucks & not have to buy the samsung station. @JDRoberts @jkp @Automated_House
Thank you

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I’m sorry, my screen reader is unable to understand your question. It kept suggesting that it wasn’t written in English. :thinking:

Are the devices you are interested in matter over thread or matter over Wi-Fi?

Anyway, I’m going to leave this for others to answer.

Sorry @JDRoberts big fingers so everytime i type i have to constantly correct everything. Im looking to add matter devices to my samsung q80 tv that is matter enabled.

Matter supports three different protocols at present:

Matter over Thread (Eve products, Inovelli White Series, and the Yale matter-enabled lock)
Matter over WiFi
Matter over Bridge

I know the Samsung smart televisions with built-in matter support supports matter over Wi-Fi and (after a firmware update) matter over bridge. But I don’t know if they directly support matter over thread or if you’d also need a separate thread border router.

Hopefully someone who knows more will post. :thinking:

Im going to call samaung & see if the tv is thread capable also. If it isnt, is the samsung smartthings statation thread capable?

Yes. :sunglasses:

Also, you may already have a thread border router if you use any of the major voice assistants. Many echo devices, Google home devices, and the Apple HomePod minis all have built-in thread border routers.

It used to be that using a thread border router from a different brand might be challenging, but after some updates in 2023, you should now only need one to make matter over thread work in your home regardless of its brand.

what year is your TV? I believe the onboard Zigbee/Thread radio started the last year or two.

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Q80c 65 inch 2023 tv. I have been searching google & i dont think my tv is thread enabled. Itnlooks like maybe the neo models have it.

I spoke with support & they said the tv is a thread router & i just need to turn it on. Once i get the devices i will update. I just hope samsung doesnt give me a message that my router needs to be closer :face_with_peeking_eye::crazy_face::thinking::sweat_smile:

As I said in the other topic…

As Jimmy already mentioned, these models were upgraded beginning mid 2023 and many now do have a Zigbee/thread radio built in even though they are the same model number as the older ones which don’t.

Ill probably get the dongle just in case but am hoping it can pair to the tv. Im going to have to wait as inovelli switches are sold out. I refuse to buy ge since they would nit warranty my switches plus time to move away from zwave when possible.

Once you enable the hub functionaloty on the TV there will be a separate device created in the ST app and advanced website for the hub. Either can tell you if it supports Thread or not. So i’d go ahead and enable the hub functionality on the TV before ordering the Yale Matter lock.


Ill do that when i get home. Hoping it does it.

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Yep, in the AWA there are two attributes for Thread; threadRequiresExternalHardware and threadAvailability.

You’ll want them to say False and Available, respectively.

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Ok it says wifi, zigbee & thread module available. Its enabled & i believe i must have enabled it when i bought the tv. So i should be good to go? Also disappointed as the yale matter lock is only availabe at the yale store & not amazon. Im open to any suggestion for matter enabled smart locks.

I had emailed eve yesterday aaking them if the smart outlet could be paired to a samsung tv that has a thread router & they said no. It can only pair to the samsung v3 hub or the station. Wondering if an error on thier part maybe not unserstanding… who knows.

I’d also be curious about suggestions for smart locks. Waited one year for the plug in for the Yale Assure 2 and not seen anything yet. Also disappointed that Matter can’t support much functionality at this point. Is there an advantage of matter vs Zigbee for locks at this point in terms of lower power consumption?

I would think mostly the same but then again matter is future proofing. I think its really up to samsung to offer functionality. The developer rboy off offered alot of features for different locks that were able to work on smartthings. Im more disappointed that eve smart outlet will not pair to a samsung tv thread router but will only pair to v3 hub or the station.

The answer you received from Eve is out of date. As you noted, things with matter have been changing fast. As long as your TV’s built in radio shows up as having Thread functioning, The Eve plug can work with it.

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