All Matter Devices are Disconnected (April 2024)

All of my matter devices are disconnected from my Aeotec v3 Hub, both Wi-Fi and Thread ones.
An Eve sensor, 3 Aqara sensors, a matter over wifi lock and a thread plug.
Rebooting the hub doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Any advice?

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FWIW, mine are working fine. :man_shrugging:t2:

There was a hub firmware update that went out recently: maybe something went wrong with that on your hub?

Normally, I would suggest getting in touch with official support, but at this point, I’m not even sure how to do that. Sigh.

If I try the “call us“ option in the SmartThings app I get led through along repeating circle of knowledge base pages, but never get to a phone number.

I can start an error report from the “contact us“ option in the SmartThings app, but I have no idea if anybody’s going to read it.

So I don’t really know what to say. Hopefully someone else will have better advice.

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All fine here with v3 hub, WiFi and Thread.

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Here in Italy is even worse, Samsung assistance basically doesn’t know what a hub is.

From what I have determined Thread isn’t working, or at least not reliably, even trying to re add the devices doesn’t work.

Update, as of now, it’s completely impossible for me to add any Thread device or make those that were connected in the past to work. The same devices work if connected to another thread hub (Homey).