Things-Status design/standard


Hey y’all, could you consider making the status of things more consistent, please? Sometimes, it’s a button, sometimes, it’s just text, sometimes it’s text that’s unreadable when grayed, some things show status in one color, other things show status in a different color.

That said, I get it that some things are just reporting status, others are reporting status, and allowing you to interactively operate/change status of the things, but just boxes with text seem boring, and also some show green, and some show blue, and could be more consistent.

Iconography design/standard
(Jordon) #2

Its all about how the device handler for each device is written. I also didn’t like all the different colors so I just changed the code to the color I wanted. Could totally help you figure out how to do it if you would like. And if it uses a handler that I didn’t personally add it usllay is in a template form in the idea and then you can just change that. You can even change them so you can add a custom image of anything you want instead of an icon.