Request: Change 'on' color

(Chrisb) #1

I’d love the ability to change the ‘on’ color of some of my devices. For example, I have a relay hooked up to my fireplace and I’d like to have that devices color, when on, be red.

Right now I’m doing this by creating my own device type based on the on/off switch, but obviously this doesn’t get updated when the default device types are updated or changed.

(Craig) #2

Along the same lines I’d like to have different “background pictures” for different status. For example: For my car I’d love to have a picture of an empty garage when I’m gone and my car when I’m hope. Or for a room light, I’d like to have a picture of the room dark (off) or lit (on).

In you example: it would be cool to have a picture of Fire (on) and no fire (off) instead of just a generic icon.

(Brian) #3

I may be wrong, but I think you can set your own custom icons in the IDE, you dont have to use canned ST icons.

(Craig) #4

@docwisdom I’m not sure how you do that. If I new that would certainly help, however, my guess is I would still have to host the picture somewhere. The ideal solution is to leverage the “background” feature built into the product by use it per a state vs. per a thing.

Imagine the possibilities if you could have states on groups as well. I have groups based on rooms. So I could take pictures of all the different states that the things can have within the group. Then depending on the states of the Things a different group picture would show.

This is less cool because of the new dashboard but I find myself using the THINGS area quite a bit still.

(Brian) #5

the ST icons are transparent background so you just specify a BG color

state "closed", label: "smoke", icon: "st.alarm.smoke.smoke", backgroundColor: "#ffa81e"

(Craig) #6

@docwisdom For the color conversation I think we were dreaming of being able to do this without having to build a custom device type. This way the updates keep coming.

For my comments of background picture, if someone can point me in that direction with or without a device type I’d love it.

(Brian) #7

@craig at this point its not going to happen without writing custom. Really is a feature request if you want it it native.

(Chrisb) #8

That’s the point @docwisdom… I’d like it native so it’s a feature request.

I have a couple of device that I created with different background colors about 6 months ago for my fireplace and my outdoor Xmas lights. Obviously only used them in winter. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the fireplace switch was displaying on and it wasn’t. I played with it a bit and couldn’t seem to get it to work right. That’s when I noticed that the device type had been updated. So I updated my personal device type and then it worked.

Not terribly hard to do, but it will be a pain if I end up with a bunch of different personal device types that I have to update every time SmartThings changes stuff. Ideally I see it as the same sort of thing as icon. You go into settings, tap change ‘on color’, pick your color, and done.