Group Icon Notification

Can you change the color of a group icon if a sensor is tripped or a metric is lower then what it should be.

No, right now there is no way to change a group icon based on events. I like that idea though. There is some stuff in the iOS dashboard (and Android is coming) that sounds kind of like what you want. If the metric changes, the status will update (from green to orange for example)

I have both ios and android. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the “Dashboard”. The kind of dashboard I want is more of a “Things” view. Thanks for the response.

I agree with Health, the dashboard isn’t very useful to me, I would much have it be more of a “Things” view, it should be a control center for turning things on/off and then a different view “Dashboard” for viewing the status of the house.

It might even be nice for the app to let you choose which view you would like to open by default.

“Android is coming”. That should be your guys’ new slogan. Not trying to be mean, it’s just frustrating. We’ve been hearing about a Beta release for what seems like months and there is still no sign of it.

Edit: most of us early ST adopters are technically inclined. You should make a Beta version that is available for download so we can test and collect logs for debugging. Kind of like CyanogenMod nightlies

Beta testing would be nice.

The current Andriod App is TERRIBLE with presence. Everytime I remove the “presence” from my phone it re appears. Then starts going crazy about me leaving my house and coming home and leaving and coming home, and leaving and coming home all night long.

Also having to shake my phone to get the Icon Names to come up is annoying.