Smart Things App device on off button colors

(Todd Whitehead) #1

Some of my “Things” have blue icons when they are on, some have green. Anyone know what the colors mean?

(Dan) #2

I believe ST updated some of their stock DH’s to use the new color scheme recently in conjunction with the phone app updates. There was a thread about it not too log ago. Therefore, any old custom DH’s you have are probably still using the old color scheme.

Here is the thread…

(Eric) #3

that’s the great thing about standards. There are so many of them.

I guess red and green are too fraught with emotional and political baggage.

(Bill Halchak) #4

I recently had this happen to me. The “solution” is changing the type in your device list. I had one device that was green and the rest were all blue. I changed it to dimmer switch and then it became blue like the rest. I hope this helps