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Hey guys, could somebody make the icons more consistent, please? When in the thing-list, they look different, and sized different, and when in the market-place they look different, and sized different.

Also, could you consider giving them a bit of color, the monochromatic theme, is bloody boring.

Oh, and one last thing, could you consider enclosing the icons with a circle/square/triagle, or something that makes them all look consistent, please?

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

It doesn’t help to cross post essentially the same request to multiple Categories. (Things-Status design/standard)

SmartThings gets substantial feedback on their Apps including usability Beta testing.

I’m not sure what influence your suggestions will have…


I don’t think it’s cross posting, because I’ve tried to keep them separately, and be able to address them separately.

Also, just curious to know, what is the selection criteria for usability testing, and how many people are in that group, and how many are folks that are actually experts on UX design?

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Beta Program invites are posted by @slagle and other ST staff from time to time.

I presume they look for a cross section of “real average customers”, since they have UI experts already internally.

(Robin) #5

If you don’t like the Smartthings icons you can use your own.

Just change the desired device to use the ST ‘arrival sensor’ device handler, you can then choose any image from your phones photo library.

After changing the icon to an image, just switch back to your regular handler and the image will remain.

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(Kyle ) #7

Im a Graphic Designer (have been for several years) so this sort of thing really is what interests me as many will tell you ive created mountains of free logos and icons and layouts and merchandise for smartthings and developer contributed smartapps…


In all honesty even i strongly believe the visual design aspects of ST are currently way way wayyyyy down the todo list of this that need to be done to better ST… they need a platform that eorks before it looks pretty.

Ps: the arrival sensor trick is great and i used that proccess to custom icon all mine.

(Eric) #8

I didn’t even consider doing this. Tip of the Day!


That’s cool, and in that case why hack it, and why can’t this be provided via the “Update Icon” operation? That we can use icons from a custom store rather than just the list of default icons provided.

BTW, speaking of the “Update Icon” operation, why do some things provide that, and some don’t? Yet another instance of not having consistent experience.

(Robin) #10

A device handler can be coded in two ways:

canChangeIcon: true (for icons)
canChangeBackground: true (for images)

It can’t be both, it’s just the way it’s always been and any change now could break all of the existing handlers.

I personally change the code of all my handlers so I can use images all the time, but I find it easier to explain the ‘just use the arrival sensor handler’ method to avoid confusing newbs with code change details.

If a handler doesn’t have icon or image options it’s probably a contact sensor which works differently. Contact sensor icons change automatically with open/close state and can’t be customised.

Occasionally a regular device has neither option but that can be fixed with the above mentioned code tweak.