"things start happening" after sunset?

I have a fairly simple, and I imagine common, use case.
I have a motion sensor that triggers a light in my entryway.
I want it to activate after sunset.
The only options I have for “time window” are “Start Time” & “End Time”.

I wound up having to change the time window multiple times a year to deal with the change of sunset time throughout the year.

  • Is there an option I am missing?
  • Is there a work around?
  • Can I make a feature request?


If you are using ‘smart lighting’ then yes, you have missed something :slight_smile:

After clicking 'only at a certain time’
Go to ‘specific time’ and change it to 'sunset’
Then you can set an offset + or -


A Smart Lights automation can also be triggered at sunrise, at sunset, or at a specific time (as demonstrated above), as well as when the Mode changes.


Thank you @JDRoberts. I was not using “Smart Lights”. I was only using Routines Automation, which is obviously lacking…

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