Can't create automation with sunset/sunrise time combined with a fixed time?

Hello everyone, first post here, transitioning from a Wink hub.

In rebuilding my existing automations in ST, I cannot figure out how to create an automation that includes a time period starting with sunset/sunrise, and ending with a set time. This seems like a serious functionality shortcoming of the smartthings application.

For instance, I have a motion sensor in the bedroom that I would like to trigger a set of lamps ON only after sunset when motion is detected, and have this automation cease at 10pm. This is helpful for walking into a dark bedroom room, and then after 10pm the lights are not triggered when somebody rolls over in bed.

I had several similar automations set up in Wink that I cannot replicate in ST, even though there definitely are some more complex automation controls in ST. Somewhat surprised that I cannot build automations to combine sunset/sunrise with a set time for the active period.

I thought there might be a workaround to have an automation turn on/off another automation at a set time, but that does not seem to be possible in ST.

Am I missing a workaround (newbie user), or is this just “how it is” with ST? If so, is there a planned ST enhancement to include this functionality? I don’t feel like I’m an automation power user, so there HAS to be others that would benefit from the ability to build automation time periods that combine sunrise/sunset times with fixed times.

Try the Smart Lighting SmartApp.

Press the + icon, the SmartApp and on the next page I believe add a SmartApp and select the Smart Lighting from the list. It has the feature what you are asking for.

Found it via Smart Lighting Smart App! Thank you @GSzabados! This looks like it should work for what I want to do. I was trying to create this via “Automations”.

…One thing I’m having to get used to is there are about 3+ ways to create a lighting automation and/or timed lighting events it seems like…

Thanks very much.


For Lighting I use Smart Lighting, actually have some similar rules as what you want, and it is definitely working.

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