Lights on after sunset when presence detected then off after 5 min

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I’m trying to do the following:

  • outside lights on upon arrival after sunset/before sunrise then off after 5 minutes

I have been doing this via the “Lights & Switches” menu. However, because of sunrise and sunset times changing, I have to constantly update times.

I think sunset time offset works in the smart lighting app

Hi @deadairdude,

As @sidjohn1 mentions, Smart Lighting will do it. I’m doing the same thing based on motion, but any trigger can be used (for the most part). Here’s my set up for my front porch lights:

Thanks for the help. However, the turn off option is not available when “Arrival/Departure” is selected under the “How do you want to trigger the action” section. Any other options?

@deadairdude Well that’s a bummer. You’ve found another limitation of Smart Lighting, but it doesn’t mean that function may not be there some day.

Perhaps Rule Machine can do it?:


yes rules machine will do it

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