Light on when arriving home after sunset?

So whats the best way to turn on a light when any one arrives home after sunset? I tried to setup an automation that has both triggers.

Someone arrives and At sunrise or sunset. It seems those rules are OR rather than AND.

You can do this with the official smartlighting feature, in fact it’s one of the examples in the supportbase article:

If you want to start building even more complex rules, see the following (this is a clickable link)


Thats close but I see no mention of how to do it between sunset and sunrise (night). Other than hard coding a time span. Which would work but as we all know sunset varies by the time of year.

There’s a “sunset” option under “more options: at a certain time”. You can even offset it, such as -15 for 15 minutes before sunset.

I can’t use the mobile app because VoiceOver navigation is broken, but hopefully somebody else can show you a screenshot if you can’t find it yourself. Or you can just write to support since it is an official feature

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Ahh there we go. Many thanks for that info!

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