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Things I like BETTER about the new app vs Classic

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #83

Sure… but a smaller sample size.

A valuable survey question would be asked only of us Classic fans: Do you like the new App more or less than Classic… and why.

But I guess that’s what this post is all about.

The new App is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

(Dan) #84

"Go then, there are other worlds than these."

One of my favorite quotes from Steven King’s Dark Tower series of books. :wink:

(JIm) #85

This is probably covered somewhere here, but I can’t find it. How do you rename a location in the new app? I have re-named it in the IDE, but it still shows the old name in the new app.

(jkp) #86

If you go to Devices, choose Edit from the menu, you should be able to edit the name there. Before that make sure your home location is chosen instead of All Devices from the pull-down at the very top center of the header bar.

(JIm) #87

Thank you. I guess I looked everywhere but there. In the old app the name change showed up automatically when I changed it in the IDE.

(Juan Carlos Marin) #88

So I just changed my phone and the new App came pre-installed, so decided to give it a try before installing ST Classic.

So far not that bad, I do have several devices with custom device handlers, but most are switches/bulbs so I jsut created virtual devices and link these to the actual device through Smart Lightning, so a hassle but have all switches lights working.

I also changed a couple of Sylvania RGBW Bulbs I had back to default device handlers and these are recognized and work now (with added benefit that they run as local devices now), I also changed to the native Color Coordinator SmartApp and its working just fine.

I also created some virtual devices that pair to my Fan Speeds and light so that also working

Harmony App and activities are working

That only leaves me with a couple of custom devices that are not working on the App (Nest, RBoy Custom Lock DH). I will try to change Schlage lock back to native DH later

Almost all my SmartApps are there and work OK, CoRE and Action Tiles continue to work and can be accessed through new App. The only exception is Life360, I don’t see it in my list of SmartApps and presence is not updating in the new App (and get the Can’t connect in the presence cards)

At this point I think I’m going to stick with the New App and just find workarounds to the things not working.

(jkp) #89

Dashboard: Settings: Connected Services

(Juan Carlos Marin) #90

Thanks! I had missed that menu

So Life360 is there and I went through settings and all seems to be OK but the presence cards keep telling me “Can’t connect to device…” and they are not updating

Any ideas?


Can you tell me what the default handler is for the Sylvania RGBW. Thank you.

(Jimmy) #92

Zigbee RGBW Bulb

(Juan Carlos Marin) #93

Im ussig the default Zigbee RGBW bulb. Don’t know why but everytime I change something on the Zigbee network it becomes unstable for a while, but it’s working ok now

I also changed the lock to the default Z-Wave Lock (not the Z-Wave Lock with code, that one did not work) and lock is working on the new app as well, still using RBoys lock manager app

(JIm) #94

I have an IRIS keypad that I removed from my system to give to a friend. I removed it from the device list. Then I went thru the unpair proceedure, which seemed to work ok.

But in my things list there appeared a new IRIS keypad. Wondering why it got re-added. When looking at the instructions for the new app about adding devices it appears you don’t even have to go to the add screen it picks things up automatically. I didn’t have the app open. I wonder if this is what happened. If so, it’s something to watch out for. I guess one needs to either force stop the new app or take the device far away to reset it.

For the record, I’m not necessarily using the new app, but I have it on my phone and play around with it to see how it is working.

What are your all’s thoughts?

(Jimmy) #95

It doesn’t pick devices up automatically. Still has to be put in pairing mode. That was probably a cloud glitch.


It doesn’t pick up zigbee devices like the Iris keypad automatically. It does pick up some LAN and WiFi devices automatically. But then the classic app picks up some LAN devices automatically as well. :sunglasses:

(JIm) #97

According to the instructions in the new app it picks up things automatically and pops up a window asking if you want to add it. Now in theory you have to say yes to add it. The old app you had to put it in pairing mode first. That is what I was referring to.

In any event, it somehow got re-added without my consent. When it re-added it wasn’t under the same name I had before. It just come in as a Iris keypad.


According to the official knowledge base, it only does auto discovery for devices which do not require a hub, such a Samsung appliances or televisions.

Devices which do require a hub, which would include all zigbee devices, still have to have discovery started manually.

So for this particular case, I would go with the cloud glitch theory.

(JIm) #99

Well, I don’t know what is going on, but it still does the same thing. I delete it from ST in the app. I go to the IDE to check and it is gone. I do a reset on the keypad and the lights on the keypad indicate it is reset and back in pairing mode. I DONOT put either of the apps in pairing mode. When I go back in and look the keypad is back. So for some reason it is re-pairing whether I want it to or not.

I have done this 3 times with the same result. This is not necessarily a problem for me now as the keypad is going elsewhere and it will be away from my hub the next time I do it. But concerned something will pair when it isn’t supposed to.

(Ron S) #100

Nothing. This from a 3-4 years ST power user.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #101

I’ll tell you what I like about it, the fact I can still use the classic app, and that’s it!

(Ron S) #102

At least the freaking mobile presence was working and it has gone for a toss as well. And well, looks like I will get the notification probably in 2019 to migrate.